Evercom Systems - Evercom is a Ripoff


My local phone company, Buckeye Cable gave me the name of Evercom and they will hear from me too. I set up an account with them using my Visa 2 wks ago and after numerous phone calls and automated emails I am now told they do not service the provider that I am trying to recieve calls from.

SO WHY DID THEY TAKE MY CREDIT CARD INFO??? This place needs to be shut down!!! They do not communicate with their customers and they give misinformation.

They do not offer too resolve the problem. Automated response is all you recieve.

Connie Bumpus

Toledo, OH

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Evercom Systems - Bad customer service at Evercom billing.

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My family is the most important thing in my life, I talk to them when they are in time of need. Speaking with them is very important to me. I dont mind spending my money when its worth it!!

I spoke with a customer services woman by the name of Alison, her id number is 89023 and she was "very" rude she had an atitude out this world. It was very nasty I'm only trying to get information about my phone bill. If she feels that she couldn't help me she should of transfered me to someone else. I asked her if I could speak to someone else, but she said no!

I only want good customer service with a company I spend my money with.

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Evercom Systems - Evercom Billing

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I to have had problems with the company Evercom. Back in 04/05 a friend of mine was in prison. The only service available was Evercom, which I had a 200 dollar limit with. With the outragous price of calls I was having to pay Evercom every two weeks to keep it from hitting the limit and being blocked. Evercom would take my reciept number over the phone and then credit my account. But what I DID NOT know was that, I needed to call my local phone company and inform them of the payment as well, as Evercom would not report my payments. I was being double billed through my phone company. Two years ago i received a bill for 1,500 dollars. I disputed it and I was informed by Evercom that they would report all payments to ATT& (formally SBC). I never heard anymore about the sitiuation and assumed it had been long ago taken care of.

Untill a week ago I received a collection notice for the 1,500 dollars plus 300 in late fees and penalties! I am so pissed that they are going to try and get me two years later for charges that were suppose to be handled. I no longer have any of my receipts, seeing that it has been Two years!!! My only option is to file a dispute with the collection agency. If anyone has had this problem them selves, please email me and tell me your story so that i can also send it into the collection agency. Thank you,



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i have a charter phone and i have no blocks of any kind on my phone. why cant my father call me collect

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