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I am so pissed evercom sucks sometimes the4 calls dont come threw the calls get droped and i call to get credit for the call and they say oh if he didnt call back within 1 minute we cannot give you credit for the full time i am pissed its a waste of money but i want to talk to my husband so i deal with it say if u want to put $50 on your account they charge an extra $6.95 so the keep for them selfs its a waste of money!!!!! i cant wait untill my husband gets out of jail

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:( this company is BULL SH*T!! i put $80 on a account and they say only 73.20 would go on my account giving me 4 calls 15 min each.

I agreed to that but now everytime my boyfriend calls me it goes through and you hear the "thanks for using correctional billing services" then i hear it click over and right when it does it clicks back and say "thanks for using correctional billing services" again!! and now i find out that they've been charging me for those calls all this time $5.68 for each min.

and the whole minute was used listening to the lady tell me that the call may be monitored. I was PISSED so i just closed my account and got my money back i refuse to go broke over that sh*t a letter is going to have to do for now.

Fredericktown, Ohio, United States #6993

The same thing happens to me all the time. I put so much money on this account it's not even funny.

When the calls drop they don't like to refund your money unless they call back within 5 min. That's not right at all!!! Then, someone got into my acct. somehow and used up all my money for my fiance to call me, and they said they couldn't do anything about it.

So, I lost so much money off that right there. They said I'm sorry that happened to you. Yea right. If you were that concerned, then you would have given me all my money back, but that didn't happen!

the ONLY reason why I still put money on my acct is so I can talk to my fiance. I can't wait till he gets out of jail!

Arcadia, Ohio, United States #6801

:( I am having similar issues with Global Telelink. I am going to write a letter but I am not sure what good that will do.

My nephew is in jail and I put $50 on my account just in case he ever needed to call. I never used any of the money so I called GT to get a refund of my $50. They told me that if I do not use it after 2 months, they keep the money. What the ***!!

Is that how these people do business?

They never disclosed that in the initial set up of the account. Is that even legal?

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