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This company is a sham! They are taking advantage of people whose loved one is incarcerated.

After being quoted a rate of $2.10 per 30 min call, I am now being charged $5.28 per 30 min call. The facility, Jackson County Detention Center in Kansas City Missouri, is telling me they are still in contract negotiation with this company and during negotiation the rates should remain at the $2.10.

CBS/Evercom has told me on 3 different occasions something different, that they can change rates at their discretion, that the facility itself changed the rate, and today a supervisor says the rate can change during negotionations. WTF..I am filing a complaint with BBB today.

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I have a question. I am trying to set up an account for my love to call me but I'm not sure if evercom cbs is the right company.

It is for Marcy Ny in Oneida County.

If anyone has an answer for me or knows where else to look I would appreciate it. I have been at this for 3 days now..

Thank you

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