Evercom Systems in Wetumpka, Alabama - Simple Review #1423151669

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I purchased evercom for my hubsand 2 call me on january 26,,he called an it wont go threw,i need my money back,,call me at 334-207-3248

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Evercom Systems in Orlando, Florida - Evercom prison calls


you can never get in touch wiyh anybody they never call you back, hard to cancel becuz of no comtact. took me to write them a not so nice letter to stop them from taking money off my account since i could not reach them, then they still didnt call back to say anything they just took it off, no im sorry nothing.

bad bad business. talk to them the first never got them again,called every day for two weeks when i finally realized after trying to reach them occasionally that i wasnt getting any return calls and never did.

Evercom Systems in Chicago, Illinois - Australia, Canada, and the same old United Kingdom

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On the Evercom website it looks like the only office locations are in British Columbia Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Like all the rest, I know people who need to communicate with the outside world without having to make their poor friends and family members pay for a non competitive rate.

Most likely, these are the same type of cave pilots who fly large foreign made planes into very tall buildings. It wouldn't surprise me if these nationalistic 15th century slave owers aren't also the primary instigators on our War Against Anti American Terror and our obsolete 19th century War on Drugs.

Perhaps the citizens of the United States of America should finally insist these two year law degree holders free are families or else bolt their own families to the American Walls of Injustice.

Evercom Systems in Anchorage, Alaska - Keeps calling

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Some inmate keeps calling. I tried blocking the number but they kept calling.

Tried calling customer service but couldn't get through. Sick of the calls. Finally after 4 nights of this ***, I finally got thru and supposedly they are blocking our number. No clue who the *** the *** is.

Company name is Evercom Systems. Guy I finally got was nice and removed our number. But sat on hold for 37 minutes. We will see if this work or not.

Complete waste of my time. Has anyone else had this annoying experience?

Its worse then tele marketers. Is there anywhere else to complain?



This keeps happening to me too!! Different inmates name each time, and a slightly different number.

Did u ever get it resolved? Very annoying!

Evercom Systems in Richmond, Kentucky - Not Happy with Evercom

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I was told about Evercom and checked into this and was directed to Jail Call Solutions and set up an account with them and of course paid money, then was called and given a local phone number to the town in which the prison I receive calls from, when trying to set this up and I'm told this number is not in my name, and so for over three weeks now I've been trying to contact someone in regards to this with out getting any response from them. I have tried to log into my account online to find out that isn't letting me in and i requested for forgotten password to see that I'm not getting a response there either.

I will be calling my bank to ensure that this business doesn't try taking any more money from my account. So if your inmate has told you about evercom don't bother they seem to be a scam.



We use it and I set it up for my mom and i didn't have to give them proof of anything and we talk to our loved one everyday as long as we pay our bill. Hope you get this resolved ASAp

Evercom Systems in Denver, Colorado - Cut service even when the bill is 100.00 on phone bill they say its up to them what we owe then you


evercom is not very fair you pay your bill and they still cut service and they blame the phone co. the phone co.

says it has nothing to do with it. so we sit with out calls until the deside to put it on and ther prices are rediculas they dont care about people just their money and you cant even get anyone one the phone to talk to once i got through the computer 2 different people telling me different things when they couldnt answer my question the cut off the internet what jokes they are stuiped a-- company

Evercom Systems in Fresno, California - Evercom ends calls & steals money!

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Nearly every call for the last 6 months have been dropped and I get charged for them to reconnect! Money is missing off my account for reasons I do not understand.

I was told my calls are dropped because I touch buttons on my phone, nope not true. Then, they said it's probably my cell connection, so I got I used landline, same thing. Then they said maybe because I have call waiting, so I took it off, same thing. Perhaps it's because they end the calls and charge again to connect!

Rip offs!!! $16 for a 30 minute call (that's usually interrupted)!


:upset ilove you

Evercom Systems in Somerset, Kentucky - Billed us for services we did not authorize and refused to give info about it


Evercom is rip off company that hijacks phone services, sets up unauthorized accounts and refuses to give out information on said accounts. Put me on hold and refused to allow me to speak with a Supervisor because I asked what account information they had listed for us.

They kept asking me to verify the account information and I asked them what they had, they said they couldn't give me that information, I had to give it to them first.

I asked them who authorized the account and they told me my telephone company.

They told me I would have to fill out a form if I didn't want to receive any more calls from inmates!


Oregon, Missouri, United States #737008

and they insult their customers.. they stole my money and they are still trying to steal money from my credit card..and called me a prison ***, they have absolutely NO RESPECT for people with loved ones in jail.. they ripped me off but I found a great phone service now..

cheap jail calls! Whatever you do DO NOT SIGN UP WITH COLD CRIB COMMUNICATIONS :(

Just try Cold Crib Communications They are way better and dont have hidden fees They also have unlimited calls for $17 a month.

Evercom Systems in Livingston, New Jersey - Evercom

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its terrible.i live in south carolina.and my son is in indiana.i went through evercom.to find out its %23-$25 for 15 mins.and my sister lives right there 20 mins from him and they are charging her $9-$12 dollars for 15 mins.then you get dissconected all the time and now cant even get them to answer a phone to add money so we can talk to him.this is crazy.get your *** togeather or let someone else take over that can come through for us.dont u think its hard enough not being with him alone not getting to talk to him come on do your *** job.any one know a better company to go through.cause im at my wits end.and very upset.thought we had a local number to start with all lies.now cant even get u to answer the phone so i can add money.come on i was paying $100.00 every 2 days and have proof just to talk for 15 mins come on



GTL global tel LINK IS MUCH BETTER N VERY CHEAP CALLS LIKE 150 or 2 dollars only put 25 dollars lasts long time no dropped calls either


This is in reply to "WTF"...STFU!!!!!You don't know what your talk'n about. If you were here, i'd kick your f'n ***.

Just because a person messes up and goes to jail, doesn't mean that they should lose all there communication with their families. Not all offenders are harden'd criminals that deserve what they get. Obviously YOU have never been to prison, let alone a lengthy jail term.

So once again, S T F U !!!!!!!!!!!Jailhouse punk??? YOU'D BE A JAILHOUSE B-I-T-C-H !!!!!!!!!!!!


Check out the online billing site. On the state drop down menu the state of Rhode Island (RI) isn't even listed!!!???

Don't they know it is a state? duh


Frustrated with prison phone companies cheating you. Give Cold Crib Communications a call today. 1-800-506-7091 or go to www.coldcrib.com/communications They have Unlimited Jail Calls starting at $17 a month!

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Evercom Systems in Louisville, Kentucky - Charged for no service, received no calls and employees refusal to help.

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I am getting charged for calls i am not receiving, they have a automative system that drops the call before you can select the options, evercom just wants to place blame on the jail for their service not working, asked to speak with a supervisor the women told me no and yelled at me. I plan to report a complaint against her and get my money back that has been taken yet i havent had one PHONE CALL!!!

They lack in professionalism and it is unfair the jail has ignorant 3rd party AMERICANS at that lack in common sense and customer service. No WONDER why the jobs are getting sent to china and india!

Monetary Loss: $10.



i was charged for a phone call then cut off did not recieve phone call $14.95 one call paid again 14.95 then paid 31.00 supposed to be same phone co,now i want my money back i will do what i can to stop this fraud i am on a fixed income i cant afford to give my money away like that i am disabled i need my money !!!!!

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